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VitalChek is the #1 resource for government-issued vital records.

For over 20 years, VitalChek has provided Americans with official government certificates of birth, death, marriage and divorce. We do this as an official service provider for over 400 government agencies throughout the United States and US Territories safely delivering millions of important documents every year.

You have the right to your birth certificate, marriage record, divorce record, and certain family death records. And with VitalChek, it's never been easier, safer, or more convenient to secure them.

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What is a Vital Record?

A vital record is a document issued by the government that provides proof of a major life event - birth, death, marriage, and divorce. As an American, you have a right to have these certificates both for yourself and for certain members of your immediate family. VitalChek's Express Certificate Service provides a convenient way for you to order these documents online - quickly, affordably, and with added security to ensure your documents are safe. Trust VitalChek when you need to replace one of your life's most vital records - birth certificate, death certificate, marriage record or divorce record.

When you order a vital record from VitalChek, you get:

  • Government-approved service
  • Low pricing with minimal service fees
  • Guaranteed certified government-issued documents
  • The option to choose shipping and delivery methods
  • Excellent security and safeguard standards
  • Satisfaction guaranteed service policy
  • A variety of payment options including all major credit cards

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Benefits of VitalChek
VitalChek is a fast and convenient way to order certified government-issued vital records online. We make it easy for you to purchase the documents to which you are legally entitled. Beware of other online services that do not have relationships directly with the agencies that store your vital records. Consider these VitalChek benefits:

Trust. For almost twenty years, VitalChek has been the direct connection between citizens and the government agencies housing their certified government-issued vital records. We pioneered the industry, and our secure Web site continues that tradition, with safe and authorized document ordering and handling of electronic transactions.

Convenience. Ordering from VitalChek means that you can order a copy of your vital records from the privacy of your own home or office, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Speed. Our order process usually takes less than 10 minutes - much faster than waiting for a record in person. And you can usually select express courier service for even faster delivery when time is running out.

Price. Unlike almost all other remote ordering services, VitalChek sets its pricing guidelines in conjunction with the government agency, so you pay only the cost of the document and a minimal processing fee. There are no hidden or unexplained costs.

In addition to our primary vital records service, VitalChek's parent company, LexisNexis, offers a number of services that may be helpful to you. The nation's leading provider of identification and credential verification services, LexisNexis offers access to:

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