Funeral Home Portal

As a Funeral Home professional, you have a number of roles and responsibilities to your organization and to the families you work with every day. Ordering death certificate copies is just one of those many tasks which can quickly become a chore, taking up valuable time to mail or fax in certificate applications, calling on the order status, and making trips to pick up the certificates when ready, etc. When you have multiple families waiting for these critical documents each day, the process shouldn’t be taking up your valuable time. With convenient, online ordering it doesn’t have to.

Save time, money and resources with just a click!

With Funeral Home Portal from LexisNexis® VitalChek Network Inc., you can now quickly order and pay for multiple copies of a death certificate and/or disposition permit with just a click – and all with the same secure login.

VitalChek’s Funeral Home Portal is designed with convenient and secure features to save you time, money and resources including:

VitalChek even provides a comprehensive dashboard reporting tool for easy management and reconciliation of your orders – by progress status, delivery method, whether submitted or unsubmitted, current or historical.

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VitalChek’s Funeral Home Portal is an industry-leading software solution with none of the cost. There’s no hardware or equipment to purchase, no maintenance costs, and no IT resources needed.