Information About Documents Needed for International Travel

Planning an international vacation or an upcoming business trip? Don’t forget your Travel Documents!

Applications for a passport may require a certified birth certificate as proof of US citizenship – VitalChek can help!

Make sure your travel plans get off the ground by having your necessary travel documents in hand well before it’s time to board the boat, plane or train.

You’ll need a certified birth certificate to apply for certain US passports (a new passport application, a passport application for a minor child, or applying for a replacement passport if it has been lost or stolen), so be sure to order yours early to allow time for processing and shipping.

From personal to business travel, get your documents in order quickly and easily with VitalChek!

Do I need a Passport?

The short answer is YES – if you are planning to travel outside of the United States. A US passport is required for citizens traveling between the United States and all international destinations, including the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. Visit the U.S. Department of State website for more information.

A passport is a certified government document that provides proof of one’s identity and/or citizenship. This document allows travel abroad and re-admittance to the traveler’s home country. Getting a US passport and keeping it current can save you time, money and comes in handy for any last-minute trips!

How can I get my passport or other travel documents in a hurry?

Ordering travel documents can be a complicated process, but we’ll help untangle it as much as possible for you. First, make sure you have your certified birth certificate, which can be ordered here on in just a few minutes and typically received in just a few days. Since VitalChek does not handle orders for passports or visas, the following professional services* may help you understand the passport and/or travel visa application process, and even assist with expedited ordering to receive your travel documents as quickly and easily as possible.

For general information and non-expedited passport orders, please visit the U.S. Department of State’s passport services site.

Now that you’re ready to take that trip you’ve always dreamed of, what are you waiting for? Cruise in the Caribbean, backpack across Europe, go on a safari in Africa, or surf in Australia – the world is your playground! Need a birth certificate to get a passport? Start your order here.

*Disclaimer statement: VitalChek is not responsible for orders placed through third-party services.