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New Jersey Vital Records Agency Information

New Jersey Vital Records issues certified copies of New Jersey birth certificates, New Jersey death certificates, New Jersey marriage records, New Jersey Civil Union records and New Jersey Domestic Partnership records for events that occurred within the State of New Jersey. You may order copies of New Jersey vital records through VitalChek on an expedited basis.

Identification Requirements
New Jersey Vital Records requires all applicants to submit a copy of their valid, government issued photo ID. You will be presented with an Authorization Form at the end of your order that includes specific instructions. When faxing your identification, please enlarge and lighten to ensure your fax is legible. Your order will not be processed until a legible form of identification is received. Below is a list of acceptable forms of identification:

One of the following forms of ID with address:

  • A valid government issued photo driver's license with address, a valid government issued photo non-driver's license with address, a valid government issued ID and an alternate form of ID with address from the list below;

Two of the following alternate forms of ID with address:

  • Non-photo State issued driver's license/ID card, Green Card, Vehicle Registration, County ID, Insurance Card, School ID, Voter's Registration, Property Tax Statement, Passport, U.S. Military ID w/photo, Vehicle Insurance Card, Bank Statement, Lease or Rental Agreement, Two consecutive months of utility bills (gas, water, electric), or a Public Assistance Card

NOTICE: Although VitalChek attempts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this site, state and agency information is subject to change without notice. VitalChek makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information herein and assumes no liability with respect to such information.

New Jersey Vital Records issues certified copies of New Jersey birth certificates, which are typically acceptable for passport, social security, employment, personal identification and other legal purposes.

Who Can Order?
Copies of New Jersey birth certificates are only issued to persons who establish themselves as the certificate holder named on the record, the certificate holder's parent, *legal guardian or *legal representative, spouse, adult child, adult grandchild or adult sibling.

*Proof of Entitlement Requirements - In addition to meeting the Identification Requirements listed above, anyone not listed above, including legal guardians and legal representatives, must fax proof of entitlement (custody/guardianship papers, power of attorney, etc.) to 877.553.2194. Attorneys must also provide a letter of explanation on their letterhead, along with a copy of their bar card.

Important - If New Jersey Vital Records is unable to establish your entitlement to the record being ordered, a non-certified Certification will be used. Certifications are issued on plain paper with no seal and clearly indicate they are not valid for establishing identity or for legal purposes.

Where Can The Document Be Shipped?
New Jersey Vital Records will only ship copies of New Jersey birth certificates to the entitled applicant's billing/identification address. Important - Your billing address and the address on the form of identification you submit, must match. Please note that express couriers will not ship to a P.O. Box.