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Ship Safe, Ship Smart to Help Keep Your Documents Secure

Although VitalChek always goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers can order their vital records safely, securely, and conveniently, you can help. When ordering vital records, such as birth, marriage, death, and divorce certificates, we recommend having them shipped to you via an express shipping service such as UPS or FedEx. It’s always better to ship safe, and ship smart.

Using express shipping means you have the advantage of monitoring your shipment all the way through to delivery with individually assigned tracking numbers. To further ensure your document’s safety, many vital record agencies specify Signature Required Upon Delivery for shipping birth certificates and other vital records.

Millions of adults are victims of identity fraud each year – in 2014 alone, an estimated 17.6 million Americans age 16 or older were victims of identity theft, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Don’t let it happen to you!

At VitalChek, we value our customers’ privacy and emphasize security and safety in every aspect of our ordering solutions – from online applicant verification (ensuring only entitled persons have access to records) to secure express shipping. VitalChek always puts the emphasis on security, and so should you.

Why ship your documents via an express shipping service?

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Don’t let identity fraud happen to you. Choose express shipping service and ship safe, ship smart!